The Company

MedPharma Logo for Web-01From its humble beginning in 1983, MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALTIES, INC. (MPSI) has grown into a well-respected manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products. It was organized 26 years ago by a progressive-minded entrepreneur who had the vision of providing easy convenient accessible medical products that would cater to the medical needs of Filipinos. From two–product trading company, MPSI now markets less than fifteen (15) products and continues to look for others that may serve its existing customer base.


During The Commencement of MPSI operations on May 1995, the Management was able to p ut up a Laboratory. However due to business constraints, its operation lasted only for a little less than 5 years and ceased operations on April 2000. In year 2000 MPSI’s Satellite Offices in Cebu and Mindanao merged with their Head office in Metro Manila to cut cost. However the Company did not ceased faith in regaining its loss but was challenged instead with the strong determination of its President to continue its operation.

The President’s commitment for passion, excellence and determination to fulfill the mission and vision of the company were the ultimate weapon to succeed. He let his experience and his God given talents to pursue and fulfill his dream. After 5 years of perseverance and hard work the Company regained its success and stability.

Corporate Objective


MPSI is committed to be one of the top players in the Pharmaceutical Industry by providing quality medicines and the best service to the Filipino people by meeting the needs of all its support personnel.


Market Focus

Over the years, in an effort to provide better market focus and response, MPSI assigned personnel in each commercial market to concentrate solely in that particular area.

Market Reach

Currently, MPSI enjoys market presence in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. MPSI concentration in penetrating, prescribing, dispensing doctors, clinics, government and industrial accounts as well as retail drugstores for product availability covers nationwide.

MPSI’s operation is backed-up by well-trained accounting and support staff utilizing modern technology. MPSI has a pool of competent personnel and still growing, providing support for any expected and unexpected contingencies. The staff regularly attends managerial and personality development seminars and workshops to help them cope with the changing business trends.

Our Facilities

MPSI’s main office is located at the heart of a fast growing city of Mandaluyong in the center of Metro Manila, provides the company with the competent employees and adequate infrastructure support which allows MPSI to concentrate on business advancements.

The Future

For MPSI, the future holds more. MPSI plans for the introduction of more pharmaceutical products developed and franchised in the market of related health or food products thus MPSI continues to pursue its plan of organizing direct market outlet that will further enhance market penetration availability.


Management aims towards Professionalism to build the right attitude of employee, to attain customer Satisfaction by providing high quality pharmaceutical products and services to maintain the market demand in order to sustain corporate Integrity.


MPSI is committed to attain excellence in the field of pharmaceutical industry leading its way to global market competitiveness.