Below are some notes that you may find useful when using the PSR App while covering:


Mistaken Doctor’s Signature

– In case you made a mistake, passing on the transaction intended for Doctor A, but the one who signed it was Doctor B, you can now go back to Doctor A and have him/her sign again.

This will update the signature but not the time of transaction. And remember, you still cannot change the details of the transaction after it is signed by any doctor, for this purpose, you are only updating the signature of the doctor.


Turning off the 3G during coverage

– you now only need to turn on your internet when you synchronize. During the day’s coverage, the GPS feature runs as-is, and is not dependent on internet signal.

You do not need the internet when saving transactions during your calls/coverage.

In case the GPS has no values/telemetry, remember that it has nothing to do with the internet signal. Turning on the internet will not give you a GPS signal, the two are separate and independent from each other.